Agjensia EFA (Eagle Football Agency)

EFA Agency (Eagle Football Agency) is founded with the intent to protect the rights of players. Also to represent them professionally in regards to their contracts and various management on and off the field.
This agency has been created in 2012 from Mr. Andi Matraxhiu.
The company has already many collaborators interested in this line of work and professional in their field.
Our agency operates mainly in Albania where it accounts for many successful transfers. At the meantime, many international transfers have also been completed. 
The players that choose to be represented by us have every part of their contract with their clubs guaranteed. There is also sport-judiciary support in case of any contractual issues or otherwise.
Also, our strategy focuses a lot with young and talented players, which at first must make a good impression on our managers and then can become part of our agency. Then, these players will be given the opportunity to be tested in trials domestically and in foreign clubs where they can demonstrate their talents. 
In order to provide judicial support, the collaboration with in house lawyer Av. Alban Alimema has eased the work of our agency. This firm has substantial judicial experience and follows up closely every possible problem of our players.  


Our managerial agency EFA is available and welcomes the collaboration with any professional player and also youth. 

Pjesëtarët e Agjencisë Members of Agency

z. Andi Matraxhiu

(Drejtor i përgjithshëm) – General Manager

Instagram_Eagle Football Agency LinkedIn_Eagle Football Agency

z. Daniel Nikolla

(Sekretar i Pergjithshem) – General Secretary

Daniel Nikolla _ General Secretary _ Eagle Football Agency

Instagram_Eagle Football Agency LinkedIn_Eagle Football Agency Twitter_Eagle Football Agency

z. Alban Alimema

(Avokat i Agjencise) – Agency Lawyer


Media EFA

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Contact Us
Address: Rruga “Sitki Cico” (Tirane)
Mobile – WhatsApp:  +355 69 35 85 156

E-mail: efa@efa.al

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